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Explore, fight,
trade, and win.

Voyage is an open-world NFT game set in space. Buy and trade NFT spaceships now and earn by transporting cargo once the universe unlocks.

Welcome to Voyage

Endless opportunity.

Buy spaceships
Mint one of 10,000 spaceships with custom attributes like speed, range, and capacity.
Trade spaceships
Trade on the open market to grow & upgrade your fleet's transportation capabilities.
Transport cargo
Planets generate $VYGE and it's up for grabs if you can deliver it to the right port.

Three releases.
Unlimited hype.

Voyage Launch
Winter 2021
Universe Unlocked
Winter 2021
Planetary Staking

Featured spaceships

C=Capacity / S=Speed / A=Armor
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We have big plans in store for the galaxy. Don't miss out on the ride.

10% - Early Voyagers

Our first brave Voyagers will be rewarded with early access to a limited selection of ships.

25% - Armada Unlocked

We'll be releasing teasers of some of the most legendary ships from the Voyage armada.

50% - Voyage Launch

Secure your spot in the Voyage universe by buying one of X0,000 unique spaceship NFTs.

75% - Universe Unlocked

The official Voyage game will be released and players can explore using their NFT ships.

100% - Planetary Staking

Conquer planets through staking and earn rewards via cargo transport missions.

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